Prayers V. Action

Prayers V. Action

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The Caramel Conservative Podcast is a no holds barred, no B.S. take on current events and politics in the United States with a great mixture of sarcasm and humor from a very right of center perspective tempered with common sense. In other words, it's "Real Talk By Real People".

The Caramel Conservative Podcast airs LIVE every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm CST where we talk about the latest current events with myself, Just Jen, and some unexpected guests. Your calls are always welcome ... See More


  1. 00:08
    Staind This is It
  2. 03:52
    My House
  3. 05:26
    Opening Theme Game Time
  4. 32:35
    Kiss Forever
  5. 50:39
  6. 79:12
    Save The World Swedish House Mafia
  7. 89:21
    Closing Theme Superman

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